Dental surgery

At the TerraDent dental clinic, we have a principle that we apply to everything we do in the office.

We truly believe that oral health can be maintained through education, which is why we allocate the necessary time to each patient to present in detail the treatment options and to understand the benefits, risks and long-term effects on general health and quality of life. .

And when we talk about complex oral rehabilitation or oro-maxillo-facial surgery, the complete information of the patient and providing the necessary support throughout the treatment and after are indispensable in our human and professional structure.

Our oral surgery department is completed and assisted in the treatment of the latest digital technologies in the field of dentistry. And the biggest benefits are, without a doubt, the patient’s: 7 times faster healing, predictable results, without discomfort and stress, safe osseointegration, the use of plasma in the patient’s blood for tissue recovery, special aesthetics of works, patient safety involved and informed at each stage of treatment.


Dental extractions;
Dental implant;
Addition of bone and membrane;
Complex periodontal treatments in the open field.