Despre Noi

Why choose us?

We created the Terra Dent concept out of a passion for smiles and out of the desire to offer our patients not only a treatment at the dentist, but a pleasant journey to the long-dreamed smile. Our team’s passion is to draw smiles, benefiting from the latest technology. Because each of us is different, we offer a premium experience to all those who cross our threshold.

We, the TerraDent team, started the story 7 years ago, by implementing the concept of “smile design”. Combining professionalism, comfort and technology, we create the much-desired smiles through a unique story that each of our patients relives.

Our goal

Because the smile is the most beautiful accessory we wear, combining aesthetics with functionality, through individualized therapies and precise computer-assisted treatments, our specialists create, with the help of technicians with international experience, the most beautiful and healthy smiles.

Teamwork, dedication to a noble cause and happy patients make us always pursue perfection. This would not be possible without high-performance equipment, ongoing international training, technology transfer and digital information. We like to invest in our patients, with a lot of patience and passion, giving our time and professional performance to their health and beauty.