Dental aesthetics

TerraDent Dental Clinic offers patients efficient and high quality dental services.

In dentistry, TerraDent procedures are the way to improve and reshape the appearance of teeth, so that the patient regains self-confidence and can smile again without complexes. With the help of the dental services offered by the TerraDent dental clinic, dental aesthetics now has a minimally invasive, biocompatible approach, using the latest technologies, such as the dental laser.

What we do differently from other dental clinics is that we manage to build treatment plans that restore the smile with minimal interventions, without unnecessary sacrifices of dental tissue. We always think minimalist, as if we were treating our own teeth.

In this way, after a consultation with the intraoral chamber and a thorough examination, including radiological, the treatment plan is established according to the principles of minimally invasive.

Terra Dent Dental Clinic offers patients efficient and high quality dental aesthetics services:

LASER tooth whitening;
dental veneers;
LASER dental implant;
aesthetic prosthetic works;
physiognomic fillings;
orthodontic treatment (correction of tooth position);
all-ceramic crowns, with an ultra-natural look;
ceramic crowns on zirconium and integral zirconium;
professional sanitation procedures (ultrasonic descaling, professional brushing, airflow).

All these procedures have as final goal the achievement of a healthy and beautiful appearance of the teeth. In addition to the fact that dental aesthetic procedures restore the strength of the teeth, it also offers the beautification of the smile.

Thus, our patients can enjoy the most modern and efficient procedures, such as professional whitening, dental veneers and LASER teeth whitening. All these dental aesthetic procedures give patients the opportunity to smile, will improve the quality and efficiency of communication, will gain more self-confidence, giving them even a chance for personal and professional development.

Smile – The business card of each of us

One of the goals of the TerraDent clinic is to create an attractive and healthy smile with the help of dental cosmetic procedures and services.

A white and beautiful smile creates the patient’s opportunity to have more self-confidence. Smile is the key element in the interaction with those around us, it brings us closer to others, helps us to communicate harmoniously and to spread positive emotions around us.