Dental prophylaxis

Periodic Dental Prophylaxis session a small thing, which done responsibly twice a year, can make the difference between a healthy smile and one that requires complex dental treatments.

Invest 50 minutes every 6 months for your oral health!

Why do we need a full prophylaxis session? Think about the fact that, during each day, our teeth and gums are exposed to the accumulation of bacteria and tartar through the foods we eat: sugars, sticky foods, etc. Bacterial plaque and tartar deposit as a thin film on the tooth and, if not completely removed, it will attack healthy gums and teeth, affecting the health of teeth and surrounding tissues and allowing periodontal disease, deep cavities and even tooth loss.

However, with the help of regular prophylaxis sessions in the dental office, the doctor removes tartar and bacterial plaque, ensuring the long-term health of the smile.


Professional brushes;
History – assessment of oral health.